About me

Standing with the “Lone tree” at Buttermere

My first camera was an original Canon Digital IXUS, with a 2MP sensor… which seems so small these days! That was back in 2000 and was really only a point-and-shoot. It did get me excited though for photography, so I upgraded to a Sony F707 and then a Sony F717. But it was the launch of the Canon 300D, the first DSLR under £1000 which really took things to another level. The flexibility of interchangeable lenses was quite the eye opener.

It wasn’t long before I upgraded to the Canon 20D, then the lure of full frame pulled me to the Canon 5D which was eventually replaced with the Canon 5D MKIII.

During my time with the DSLRs I realised that the weight was just too inconvenient. I tried the Panasonic GF1 which was lovely but just couldn’t touch my Canons. And then Sony released the A7Rii which met all my criteria… so I jumped from Canon to Sony. That love affair only lasted a year or so though… I bought a Fuji X100f and was blown away by the Film Simulations. I’d tried to emulate Velvia for years, with both the Canon and Sony. The Canon had lovely colours but I never really got on with the Sony colours, or the horrible menus. Only a couple of months with the Fuji convinced me to jump ship again, this time all in with Fuji, picking up an X-T2 and selling my A7Rii. I am now a happy camper in the world of Fuji currently using the X-T3 and X100v for all of my photography.

During all those years I’ve tended toward landscape photography as my “thing” but I do struggle to find time to escape the everyday life and get those shots I love so much. I also shoot other subjects, but landscape is really why I continue this hobby.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy my photographs.

Best wishes


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